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News: 07 Commando

by on February 17, 2008

I meant to mention this ages ago (maybe I did?), but 07 Commando, a Chinese Metal Slug clone, is coming to DS. The developer is Mana Soft, and the reason I may have neglected to mention the game is that I actually evaluated an early rom of the game from 2006. Talk about dedication to the genre, the game is finally coming to market this year, about a year and a half after the build I’ve played. It’s quite difficult, a bit too linear, but has great graphics, decent music, really nice animation, and is all around a pretty passable product if you get it on the cheap. You can see a trailer here. That music isn’t in-game, of course (thank goodness). There’s a video tab on Mana’s site too, but no video…they do have this awesome sentence though, which applies to the Youtube version as well: “Due to the being compressed of the video,the definition and running frame rate of the effect are damnified.” They also did some nice earlier 2D games on mobile phones, like Fire Power EX (wait for the videos to load, it’s worth it). 07 Commando comes out in 08, naturally.


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