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News: Retro Sabotage

by on February 16, 2008

biginvader.jpgSome dudes sent me a pitch to link their website, Retro Sabotage, and maybe it’s been around, but it deserves at least a casual glance. It’s a series of flash games that try to re-imagine classic games and play with conventions in a way somewhat similar to the ‘jinsei owata’ or ‘I want to be the guy’ sense. As an aside, we were trying to come up with a genre term for these over here – closest we came was “platform hell” and “life-endingly impossible.”

With these games they’re sometimes attempts at humor, which can fall a bit flat. The content is touch-and-go, but it’s kind of ‘cute’ and doesn’t cost you anything. I like the concept more than anything, and they do one of these per week. As of now they’ve tackled Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and Pong.


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