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News: Barnyard Blast out Friday

by on February 13, 2008

Barnyard Blast is coming out on the DS this Friday in the U.S., and you should I know I (re)wrote the script for it and did some very small design pokes here and there. I became involved with the project a few months after discovering it, and it’s the first game I’ve had significant influence on. Don’t expect the game to be great though, because it isn’t…it’s very linear, a bit too hard, and has some unintuitive parts and not the best first level. Still, the scenario is neat (I didn’t come up with it), the writing is alright (I did do that), the music is nice, and it’s got moments of classic shooting action in it, here and there. I showed it to Koji Igarashi a while ago, and he recommended we “keep trying,” which was awesome, but also had some very specific advice about how to make the whip and guns better. The whole thing is filled with retro game memes though, which I’m semi-proud of.

The scenario is essentially that you, Robert Belmart, must search for your son Cliffy after he’s toilet-papered an evil castle full of ghouls. Here’s a little exchange between husband and wife before the adventure:

Robert: Julia, I alone can save our son!
Julia: Robert, my love! I just want to tell you-
Robert: No no, don’t try to stop me, Julia!
Julia: Get some bread while you’re out, okay?


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