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News: BlazBlue

by on February 5, 2008

blazblue.jpgAt some point I had to talk about BlazBlue in spite of my relative disinterest…might as well be now. It’s the new 2D fighter from Arc System Works (distributed by AMI), with HD backgrounds, and nice-ish looking sprites (though apparently not truly HD themselves). Contrary to popular belief, it does not take place in the Guilty Gear universe, but in a completely separate one…though the character designs and especially the in-game spritework may lead you to believe otherwise. The official site is here, and of course Arcadia scans are floating everywhere. The site will be fully open on the 8th, and the game will be shown at the AOU show on the 16th. The game once again uses only 4 buttons, which is something at least. The board is the Taito Type X2.


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