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News: AOU 2008 show preview

by on February 5, 2008

Lots of interesting stuff going on at AOU 2008, which we mentioned just below. It’s happening in under two weeks, and Arcade Renaissance has a good post about some of the highlights, including the fact that Cave will be there (as we reported), Arcana Heart 2 will be there of course, and Capcom will have SF IV, Sengoku Basara X, and other stuff. There’s some more it doesn’t have though…take a gander at’s lineup chart. Konami will have GuitarFreaks and DrumMania 5. Melty Blood Actress Again will be at the Sega booth.

Most importantly, SNKP will show a video of KOF XII at the Taito booth. There had been some speculation as to whether this title was to still be 2D, but the AM site reminds us in the description that when the logo was unveiled back at AOU 2006, they said they aimed to redraw all the sprites, and make this the best looking 2D game ever. It also seems Samurai Spirits Sen will be there, and KOF 98 Ultimate Match of course. They expect Examu to show a new game, but that’s just their speculation…


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