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News: PC-FXGA demo videos

by on February 4, 2008

dogagenie.jpgA fellow on the forums named Sabre470 has a neat bunch of videos of the demo games that come with the PC-FXGA, which was a PC board that allowed PC-FX games to be played on the PC with an added 3D chip, and also allowed hobby development. There’s a bit of info here, and some more here. Sabre470 has videos of all the demo games that came with the board, Dogagenie (a demo), Same Game, and Nnyu (both games). Sort of neat to see what the PC-FX might’ve been capable of…

There’s more neat stuff on his site too, such as this beta version of Lords of Thunder for Sega CD (with no appreciable differences), and a post on PC Engine sample discs like we mentioned in this Mad Stalker post. Nekofan has a Gradius II sample while we’re on the subject.


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