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News: Wildcat's Chosun Musa update

by on January 27, 2008

chosunchoi.jpgWildcat is back with his 2D homebrew fighter, Chosun Musa. The site has been updated with six new fighters, complete with animation and avatar shots (beware, his site takes a really long time to load, if it ever does – for some reason it loads much better in explorer). Actually when I went to Seoul in November, Wildcat came up from a town 2 hours south by train to meet me. Quite a nice guy, if a bit unusual – but I suppose that’s to be expected for a guy who’s making an entire 2D fighting game by himself, sprite by sprite. He sent me descriptions of all the characters as usual, and a new Q&A, revealing that his target for release is now 2009/2010, and that he’s still targeting a GP32 or GP2X release alongside the PC release. All that expanded info is here. I’ve included a few images in there in case you’re having trouble loading the original site.


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