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News: Tori no Hoshi and Hatsune Miku

by on January 24, 2008

hatsunemiku.jpgWe haven’t spoken about Nippon Ichi’s Tori no Hoshi in a while, but there are a few things to report. First, the game has a release date now: February 28 – and you’re no doubt aware that the Prinnies from Disgaea make an appearance in the game. But the weirdest thing is if you click the collaboration button on the site, you’ll see there’s a cross-promotion with vocaloid Hatsune Miku, who really has become something of a virtual idol in her own right. If you’ve never heard her, check developer Crypton‘s site and download her voice demos (I recommend this one especially).

What Nippon Ichi is doing is creating three vocal tracks with Basiscape and Hatsune Miku. The first is available now, the second will arrive on Feb 1, the third on Feb 8. There’ll be a CD release at some point. The way you get to the page, since I can’t link it directly is to choose the ‘collaboration’ button on the Tori no Hoshi site, then across the top of the window (just to the right of the word ‘top’ there will be several clickable tabs – the second from the left says music. Click that! To me there’s something very charming about the voice’s forced imperfections, but I may have read too many William Gibson books.

Incidentally the MP3 can be downloaded here.


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