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News: Saturn Game Basic

by on January 24, 2008

supermario.jpgMadroms, who unveiled the Dezaemon 2 Saturn save system a while back also has a lot of info on Saturn Game Basic, which allowed hobby programmers to program in Basic on the Saturn. If you check that link, you can learn a fair bit about a lot of the games released by homebrewers over the years (there have been a surprising number of releases since the Dreamcast came out…), and there are a number of videos as well – all the games are downloadable if you have Saturn Basic to play them on. I’ll highlight just a few.

Funny Zone is a Space Harrier-like realization of Opa Opa in Fantasy Zone.
Return of Grass is a rudimentary 3D shooter.
Fake Dragoon is a moderately charming Panzer Dragoon clone test.
Radi Con Boy is a racing game, with a tank as the “protagonist” vehicle.
Tactics Blaze Chapter 2 is actually a real game – a tactics RPG.
Pro Wrestling has charming 2D chunky graphics but doesn’t seem to play well.
Hot Kick is a very nice looking 3D shooter starring the letter A.
Casmi ga Yuku! is a shooter starring the Dreamcast, versus the Saturn.
Kakutou Game (aka Fighting Game) is a pleasantly horrid looking fighter with obnoxious stock sounds.
Hien is close to being an actual game, a scrolling shooter to be precise.
This is probably the best one though. It’s called Super Mario, and is a frightening 3D remake of the first level of Super Mario Bros. Well worth a look.


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