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News: Tekkouki Mikazuki Trial Edition

by on January 18, 2008

Cacophanus posted something neat on the forums just recently – a retrospective of Tekkouki Mikazuki Trial Edition, Sandlot’s first game for the PS2. You’ll know Sandlot from the Earth Defense Force and R.A.D. games, and indeed, everyone was pretty impressed when their debut PS2 game had such great tech – and impressed twicefold when EDF had such great tech at such a cheap price. How was that possible? According to our pal here, they developed their technology while creating Tekkouki Mikazuki Trial Edition for Fuji TV. This game, which was only released as a one-stage demo, never as a full game, was meant to promote a Tekkouki Mikazuki television miniseries. To hear Cacophanus tell it: “The single level demo was actually quite impressive and was their first title on the PlayStation 2. What was shrewd was that Sandlot used the capital and pre-prototyped tech to sell a similar game to Enix, this later became Gigantic Drive (also known as Robotic Alchemic Drive in the US).” It all begins to make sense!

Check some screens here and here, and the game in motion over here. The original game shipped with the soundtrack to the show, but seems to have gone no further than that, at least in terms of retail products.

Update: fixed the movie link! For two days nobody mentioned it was wrong…


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