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News: Speed Power Gunbike

by on January 16, 2008

There was discussion of Speed Power Gunbike, and obscure PSone game, on the forums recently, which reminded our pal Cacophanus that he’d put a video of the game up on youtube. Looks very odd and PSone-ish, but is an interesting piece of history. He says of Speed Power Gunbike:

It was based off a successful manga series and the team behind it were going to do a Megazone 23 Part 1 game. Unfortunately, [Speed Power Gunbike] didn’t do very well and the team was somewhat disbanded. The main problems the game had were down to overt camera and mecha control.

That team was called Inti Creates, which also made Mega Man Zero for GBA, Love and Destroy for PSone, and more recently the Mega Man ZX series. Cacophanus hastened to add that this team had nothing to do with the PS3 version of Megazone 23 that came out last year. You can find more extensive details about the game at hardcore gaming 101.


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