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News: Dekotora for DS and Wii

by on January 16, 2008

Dekotora Black is a Dekotora-related games from Spike for the DS, part of their long-running series which includes games on the Wonderswan, PSone, PS2, and others. Amazingly, Jaleco is also releasing a Dekotora game for Wii, completely unrelated (see videos here), called Zenkoku Dekotora Matsuri. The official site for Dekotora Black is here, and for ZDM is here. If you like decorating trucks and then ramming them into other decorated trucks, this is your year.

In other interesting Spike-related news, Spike is publishing both Haze and BioShock in Japan. Movin’ on up, I guess. The BioShock site is well done, though the flash site says ‘comming soon’ on some of the movies. But it does confirm that the dialog is subtitled in Japanese, not dubbed.


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