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News: Wildcat info expanded

by on January 15, 2008

chosunchoi.jpgExpanded from this post. Everything here is a translation of the original Korean on this page, and corresponds with each character in descending order, starting with number 12.

Lee Chuckyeoup the Blazing winds

He’s a normal hero of this sort of game. He is the king’s first son, so he will be a successor for the Chosun dynasty. But his desires to increase his swordsmanship rock his life. His brother is going to became king now, and Lee Chuckyeoup is going to dangerous and bloody warzones until he finds his true fate. Sainchamsa Kum is his primary weapon. Blazingwinds burner is his secondary weapon. Also he can be called just like ‘Chucky’ or ‘purple knight,’ and the ‘lost prince.’

Yu Seoulhyun the Archery master

She’s a main heroine of this game. She is a very girlish and weak woman, but her weapons cover her weak points. Legendary bow of the white tiger is a very powerful weapon. That bow can be more tricky since the ghost of a white tiger is in the bow. This tiger’s first owner is very cold blooded guy and he’s just called ‘God of the Marksmanship.’ He broke the limits of this tiger bow’s sealed hidden power. Gyiwea Gung is her primary weapon. Samin Kum is her secondary weapon.

chosuntiger.jpgHong Jaeheum the Black hide

He is an offspring of the Korean famous hero ‘Hong Gildong.’ When he was younger, he was a
member of a skilled swordsmaster team and that’s called ‘Kumgye (Gangs of the blades).’ Yangwan’phae Whan’do is his primary weapon. Bipho Yun is his secondary weapon.

Choi Moonker the Heavy cannons

This big guy is a leader of the bandits. He seeks Hong Jaeheum for capture and for vengeance for his past acts. His helm’s true owner is a famous general and he stole the helm when he defeated him. What guy is this original owner? Chunja Chongtong is his primary weapon. Hyungo’gukphae is his secondary weapon.

Park Dooauk the Big tiger

This huge tiger always seeks to hunt humans for his dinner. He uses a totem pole as his
weapon, also he uses big cauldron of the poison for long-range attacks. Chunha Daejangun is his primary weapon. Upwhagu is his secondary weapon.

chosunmantis.jpgWhang Jeunkwal the Mantisman

He is a tall, high speed flyer character. This ugly and cruel monster gives no mercy for his enemies, even they were God’s servents or Satan’s children. He uses one weapon with two special modes – Gauntlet of the earth demon. It can morph his hands to scythes, also his hands can morph to the mantis plant with this demon’s gauntlet. This flower-like weapon can whip or grab enemies with its thorns tree and spit out the poison honey from this flower’s head. Jishin Tumarsu is his primary weapon. Jishin Tumarsu Gyebanyun is his secondary weapon.

Q&A Lists

Q: long time no see, Wildcat.
A: Thank you very much wait for me! I am keeping for this game’s quality late so much. sorry for that.

Q: The cover of this game’s opens slowly, but I can’t wait until be release. You got any ideas for release dates?
A: 2009 – 2010 is will be this game’s release year. Don’t wait so much. Limited staffs and lack of funds makes Wildcat’s progress difficult. But it’s okay. Because Wildcat is first season of the gaming devopment. In the second season, I and gamers will don’t spend many hours playing this game.

Q: I am afraid of this game’s will be ‘Samurai Shodown Clone’. Can you beat that?
A: Rivalry of the gaming world (ex. VF vs Tekken) is everywhere. Chosun Musa will going
different ways from SS Series. You’ll see this game’s moves, designs, concepts are so fresh
when compared. Totally, Wildcat’s graphic source is originality than older games, I do not ripoff sprites.

Q: What character takes the most development time?
A: JJung Neukbean (No. 10). Her detailed plates armor is horrible for 2D graphic arts.

Q: Are you still going to GP consoles? You got any plans PSP or other portable consoles for
A: I don’t find any problems for GP’s weak point for 2D gaming. It’s not marchine quality vs. machine quality. It’s mainstream vs. substream.



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