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News: Iron Kid

by on January 14, 2008

ironkid.jpgI have an interest in Korean-only games as you may have surmised, and via the forums I learned of Iron Kid, a GBA game based on a Korean/Spanish co-produced CG animation. I actually interviewed one of the partners, BRB Internacional when I was in Seoul. The game was published by Daewon C&A, which does manga, anime and game production, and published Touch Dictionary for DS, which eventually got a name change from the original Touch! Dic! (seriously – they changed the cover, but that last link contains proof!). They were also publishing a game called Melpomene for GBA, according to Gamespot. The game was “an adventure game based on a shooting at Sarajevo, in which you play as an investigator collectioning various information about the event.” It was unfortunately canceled- that sounds pretty awesome, and the screens are great (check the Gamespot link). Also note that that description invents the word “collectioning,” which I think I kind of like

Anyway, for Iron kid I can’t figure out who the developer is, so assistance would be appreciated – but it may be possible that Daewon C&A has an internal studio now. You can see a video of the game in action (with some CG interludes from the show) here, and Insert


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