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News: Another Data West game revealed

by on January 12, 2008

hanee frash!NeoPancho wrote in to tell me that Cutey Honey for PC-FX was also developed by Data West, something that was never mentioned on their website. There name isn’t on the cover of the box, either. The game was simply an interactive anime title, like many PC-FX games, but still mildly interesting. Check screens here, and if you want to see proof that the Data West logo is in there, you can find it during the opening sequence, which he’s got in the multimedia section of his site. That section is worth checking out regardless, because he’s got videos, intros and gameplay, for a bunch of games that were never released in the U.S., including obscurities like Gakuen Toshi Varanoir Roses for Gamecube and Super Robots Spirits for N64. Lots of stuff to see, but don’t kill his bandwidth – it’s not the fastest site in the universe. It’s all in spanish, but easy to navigate. Go to his main page, then check out the links to the left for info and images for loads of Japan-only titles. There’s especially a lot for portables.


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