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News: Taito/Square Enix interview

by on January 11, 2008

A bit ago I spoke with Keiji Fujita of Taito Mobile – he’s the U.S. division. The most interesting thing was his knowledge of and relationship with the Taito and Square Enix parent companies. In the interview you’ll see a whole lot of the details that were glossed over during the Taito/Square-Enix merger, and also the day-to-day operations and structure of both companies. If you’re as obsessive about how all these companies work and interact as I am, you might want to give it a read. Fujita is very honest and very straightforward, even to the point of quoting sales numbers. Maybe I caught him on the right day, but more people should be like this! Here’s an excerpt:

BS: I was wondering how the relationship was between Square Enix and Taito right now.

KF: Square Enix owns one hundred percent share of Taito Corporation, so it’s a fully owned subsidiary, actually. Branding-wise, they make it separate, so Square Enix doesn’t want to show their name for Taito game titles, because they’re totally different kinds of games. One is famous for RPGs, and the other is famous for arcade classics and causal games. The taste is totally different, so they want to make it separate.

BS: But do they have management control of Taito?

KF: Basically, the president is the same. Square Enix’s president is also the president of Taito Corporation now. And then Taito has an office in Tokyo. We had a separate location, but now we moved to the same building as where Square Enix is located. It’s a different floor, but we’re under one roof. We are actually cooperating on some of the projects, but before consumers, we don’t really mention much about the relationship between Square Enix and Taito. It’s kind of confusing. Even myself — I use the Square Enix name cards, but I’m actually in charge of Taito Corporation. It’s quite confusing.


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