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News: Data West gives up on games

by on January 10, 2008

rayxanberII.jpgData West is a company I’ve been interested in for some time now, having nothing to do with Data East at all. They’re located in Osaka, and made a number of early PC games, like the 4th Unit series, as well as the Rayxanber series for PCE and FM Towns. Their last really excellent game was Brave Prove for the PSone, and after that they made a couple more PC games, and thereafter hadn’t updated their games page since 2002. I had this in my queue of things to post because I wanted to show you their users forum, which still has full-size printable labels of their old 4th unit games, as well as some other interesting stuff. Unfortunately on January 1st they redesigned their website, so that it now no longer includes any reference to games whatsoever. Unfortunately it seems another kansai-based Japanese games company has thrown in the towel. Though they hadn’t made a game since 2002, somehow I thought the DS would lure them back, as it did with so many other smaller game developers, but it wasn’t to be. There’s almost no information about them on the internet now, so you can check the wayback machine for a small bit of insight…barely. Another one bites the dust!

Just so some people know a bit about what they were like, check out videos of Rayxanber II, and Rayxanber III, and some info on the series here. Cover and backside of Brave Prove can be found here, and some screens here. A number of sites attribute the game to Data East, simply because, well, they’d heard of that!

Update: Better Brave Prove screens have been uploaded via the ic forums here and here. I was also informed of two more Data West games; GulClight TDF2, apparently a strategy game (pics), and Bounty Arms, an unfortunately canceled PSone 2/3 Bionic Commando-like game found via the Lost Levels forums. Be sure to scroll down for better screens and scans – even past the ones that are visible in the thread. Would’ve liked to see that one, it looks quite nice!


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