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News: Umihara Kawase

by on January 9, 2008

I thought I’d posted this last month, but regardless, Umihara Kawase is getting a PSP port. PS2 screens from Dengeki reveal that it’s essentially just a port of the PSone game, and if you don’t know the series (there was a SNES game as well), it’s about a kid with a fishing pole, which is used to swing around the levels. Official site is here, and people spoke about it a bit in the forums a couple of weeks back, and also provided some youtube links to two superplays of the SFC and PS1 versions (watch that second one especially), and also some Game Center CX playthroughs of the original. It’s coming out on the 19th of March for 5,040 yen with tax. Rather pricey, but it’s quite an interesting game!


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