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News: Mexican Final Fight PCB boss hack

by on January 4, 2008

finalfightboss.jpgThere have been lots of hacked arcade games in Mexico, but this one is particularly awesome. Found via the Assember forums, a guy bought a Final Fight PCB that lets you select the enemies and bosses as playable characters, and each have their own desperation A+B moves. Check videos here2 is worth seeing, as is 4, but they’re all enjoyable on some level. Here are some impressions from the owner, Devilredeemed:

“this hack is pretty hilarious – it’s somewhere between ridiculous and a real blast. the level arrangement is different, and each character has a super in the same way that the main 3 do – and also a weird move which is like Rolento’s grenade attack. the supers for the characters are surprisingly good and well implemented. Damnd has a spin attack for instance – similar to Blanka, where he goes across part of the screen like a human cannonball – it’s what he does at the end of area one when he comes off the wall, but it’s the spin attack that hits the opponents. Poison has a double somersault kick – she doesn’t move from the spot, just somersault kicks twice in a row. Andore rushes across the screen, chest out, like he does usually, Holly Wood does that jumping upside down stab he normally does – very effective and fun. and Bred (I think that’s him) does a fly kick forward.

you can’t pick up weapons in the game at all. and your chosen character moves around quite a bit faster than the opponents – this is like a hyper version of the game – not sure if it’s down to the dip switches though, which I’ve played around with quite a bit – I’ll have to investigate.”

The thread is old, but the videos were added five days ago. Quite neat! Now we can finally play as Poison…if it gets dumped! Unfortunately the videos are short and shakycam, but still worth watching. Thanks to Frank for the link.


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