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News: Korean interviews, part 1

by on January 4, 2008

The first batch of interviews I did in Korea is up on gamasutra now, with five interviews total. There’s Webzen (Huxley, APB), Nexon (Maple Story, Mabinogi, CounterStrike), Microsoft Korea, T3 Entertainment (Audition Online, GP32 stuff), and Com2Us (mobile). If you’re at all interested in other regions of gaming, please give this a read – most of this information isn’t available anywhere else in English, and I went to Seoul to get it! I’m worried people won’t go through a 21 page article, so here are some teasers in a buried post. As a bonus, here are the GP32-related questions that I asked Raphael developer T3, which aren’t in the gama article:

BS: [Your success] is very impressive to me, since I guess I knew T3 since… the first time I heard of T3 was when I played Raphael for the GP32, so you’ve come a long way.

YK: Oh thank you! You’re really a gamer!

BS: Yeah, I guess so. That was a long time ago.

YK: You’re the first foreigner who played Raphael! Next time I’ll give you some Korean titles.

BS: When you released a game for the GP32, what did you think about that market at the time? Did you have high hopes for it?

YK: When we decided to develop for the GP32, Gamepark, what they said was, “We will win against the GBA and PSP or others. We are sure – Oh yeah, our hardware will sell at least 100,000.” That’s why we made it. But in fact, the hardware…do you know how many they sold?

BS: They said they shipped 60,000, but I don’t think…

YK: Overall, 30,000 or something. How can you make a good result from that? (laughs) If we sell to 100 percent of GP32 users, the limit is 30,000 copies.

BS: Yeah, that’s rough. And I guess now they went out of business. Did you notice that they were trying to create new versions of the GP32? There’s now a GP2X, and they were trying to make an XGP. That company split into two. There’s now Gamepark and Gamepark Holdings.

YK: Since we realized these Gamepark people… they move out and move out, we realized there was no hope for us. So it was, “Okay, good try!” as a developer. We always try things we’ve never tried before, so that was very good experience. And thank you for using the GP32! (laughs)

And here’s some wacky stuff she said about the future of games. Don’t really know what she meant, but it sounds great!

YK: And also, through the computer screen, you will just feel the things. Not pressing the keyboard button, but also from the screen, inside there’s some kind of chip. It’s this sort of console system — you don’t touch, but when your fist’s closed like this, the computer screen already feels. So it touches a machine or something like that. That thing can also connect.


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