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News: Dimps Q&A

by on January 3, 2008

At GDC Austin I came across a man who works for Dimps – in fact he’s the entirety of Dimps’ U.S. operations. As you may know, Dimps is mostly composed of ex-SNK developers that left during the Aruze takeover, and they’re now largely work-for-hire ala Tose, but they put their name on the box most of the time. The Q&A is here. Unfortunately, many questions/suggestions such as whether they could bring The Rumble Fish 2 to XBLA, were met with the answer: “If the publisher wants it.” Seems they can’t fund anything on their own yet, which is a shame. Regardless, lots of old SNK info and contemporary Dimps info in there for the curious.

Just to say, my favorite part of the interview, which did require a bit of wrestling, was where he said he chose the location for the business based on where he’d be able to eat lunch. That’s important stuff!


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