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News: Zero No Tsukaima Fantasy Force

by on January 1, 2008

This is incredibly old, but only a few people picked up on it. There’s a “tsundere adventure game” (as well as an anime/manga/whatever) called Zero No Tsukaima, and the game was released by Marvelous a month or two ago. The neat thing is that it comes packaged with an 8-bit style shooter called Fantasy Force. When I say 8-bit, I mean early PC-style 8-bit, not NES. And it is in fact also called a “tsundere shooting game,” which is bizarre. It stars the Louise from the game, and her charge attacks come out in the form of lines of dialogue from the ADV bits. You can check out a gameplay movie here and a pointless movie of the title screen with music playing here. Boss fight is here, bit of stage 2 here. If you want movies of the proper game, there are plenty of those too. Check out some crappy screens here. Thanks to Japjac for sending this in way back in October!


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