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News: S4 gameplay

by on December 29, 2007

s4.jpgWe mentioned S4 some time ago, as the new game from Pentavision, who also makes DJ Max. There are plenty of videos on youtube of the gamplay now, and the game may still come to PSP – though when I spoke with Pentavision in Seoul in November, they said they were still evaluating it, and that the video we saw previously was just a mockup of what it could look like on PSP… But since they brough DJ Max to PSP twice, it seems somewhat likely that they’ll try again! The game seems to have some interesting zipline use and an interesting system, but isn’t the Jet Set Radio-like game some of us were hoping for… official site is here (Pentavision is a NeoWiz subsidiary now, which is why the URL is off-site).


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