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News: Top 10 of 2007 (short version)

by on December 23, 2007

I decided to make a top 10 of 2007 list, but I’ve buried it down so it wouldn’t push new news off the page with its length. Full text is down here, but I’ll give you the list in this here box, from 10 at the top to 1 at the bottom.

Halo 3
Puzzle Quest
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD
Senko no Ronde
Arcana Heart
Jeanne D’arc
Call of Duty 4

There are some honorable mentions down there in the full text, and I didn’t include any indie games or anything – just commercial releases for this one. I don’t feel I was up enough on the indie scene this year to successfully rank them, though I could do something…


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