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News: Ken and Chun Li in Korean MMO (Perfect KO)

by on December 3, 2007

4gamer recently ran a story that Ken and Chun Li from Street Fighter will be playable in the Korean MMO Perfect KO (some info and screens on that here). It’s interesting for a few reasons – one is that the characters are customizable, so you’ll be able to tailor your SF folks a bit. Another is that the company has stated (according to the second linked article) that they’re open to more licenses in the future from other fighting games. And in fact, it’s quite interesting that they’ll be 3D. Who will provide the models, I wonder? The game itself is a 6-or-fewer simultaneous fighting/action game, with 3-on-3 matches, a survival mode, and some other interesting bits, such as NPCs in the background attacking your character if you hit them. Ken will be playable during the open beta test, which begins on December 6. The game is developed by Neowiz. The Japanese press seems to be kind of going nuts about the unprecedented nature of this deal (ie, it’s not co-developed, and it’s a totally different company), but maybe they’re just trying to get hits. Thanks to Iggy for pointing it out!

Side note: it’s rather bizarre to look at the SF images on that first link and see that they’re all copyright Capcom U.S.A. I know they own the rights to it now, but it’s still rather an odd thing to brand every image with.

Update: here is a video of the game (no Ken or Chun Li) in action.


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