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News: Card Fighters 2 English version

by on November 20, 2007

cfc2flavor.gifFlavor is moving forward with his new translation of CFC 2 for the Neo Geo Pocket Color… and now he’s got a site documenting his progress. If he keeps up the current pace, he may be done by the end of the year. Fingers crossed! If you check the November 7 entry, you’ll find a video teaser of the English version. I find it a bit ‘cute,’ but I haven’t actually played CFC 2 (shamefully), so maybe that’s how the original is. Anyway, he’s taking suggestions, help, and anything else, so give it a look-see.
He’s also got a poll on the right asking what platform you’d like to see the patch wind up on, though any system with an emulator should do it!

(Note: the image to the left is not in the game – it’s just kind of awesome.)
Update: Fixed the November 7 video teaser link. It’s been too long! All kinds of mistakes today.


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