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News: Black Ice, White Noise

by on November 14, 2007

blackice.jpgLooking at those Jag videos, I remembered the cyberpunk 3rd person adventure game Black Ice, White Noise. It was supposed to be a killer ap for the CD add-on, but Atari was rushing things, and then eventually cut it, as was typical of them at the time. It was actually shown on the back of the Jag CD box, which is how I first noticed it, naturally – there’s info about it here, with some rather silly interview clips from one of the creators, who was very excited that their ideas predated the Matrix…but was very clearly based on William Gibson‘s books anyway. The game never came out (as I mentioned) but you can check out a video at the bottom of that info page. What’s even neater though, is this video of an alpha build of the game, much earlier than what you see in other build, but with a lot more shown. One of the texture artists has the top post on youtube right now!


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