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News: Mahou no shoujo Silky Lip eroge

by on October 20, 2007

silkylip.jpg<Brandon’s note: many of these links are not work safe>

After destroying our old gaming memories by licensing Valis and Arcus to eants and allowing them to make eroge versions of the games, Telenet Japan has decided it just wasn’t enough yet, as Waffle has announced that they are making an eroge version of Telenet Japan’s classic MegaCD game, Mahou no Shoujo Silky Lip. The eroge version will be made up of two parts, one will be a remake of the original MegaCD game when the characters were still young, and the second part will be where the characters have grown up, and… have lots of grown up stuff happen.

<Brandon’s second note: At least it says ‘downroad’ at the top. And if you don’t know Valis or Arcus, research here and here.>


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