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Youtube: Super Jumbo no Daibouken

by on October 12, 2007

jumbo.jpgIf you thought Captain Lou Albano was the first professional wrestler to play the role of Super Mario, you apparently weren’t a Japanese person watching Nihon TV sometime in the early 1980’s. Super Jumbo’s Big Adventure is a skit that stars Jumbo Tsuruta, the famous professional wrestler and not so famous University of Portland, Oregon professor in the archetypical Mario role. The supporting cast is made up entirely of late 70’s and early 80’s Japanese wrestling personalities, except for the princess. She’s played by Mami Yamase. Presumably an idol or voice actress of some sort, but it would take a less manly type of nerd to know that. The whole thing is basically awesome. Dennis Hopper would have been well served to study Great Kojika’s performance as Bowser.


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