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News: Arcana Heart news roundup

by on October 6, 2007

The PS2 port of Arcana Heart is going to be out in a few days, and you can read reviews of the arcade version on (by none other than myself) and tim’s (by david cabrera, a.k.a sub for those who used to post on IC’s forums before the meltdown). Play-Asia has been taking preorders for ages, and they are also offering the soundtrack and Hori’s limited edition stick, though that last one seems to have sold out already…

In related lolicon 2D fighting news, the long-rumored sequel (which will simply be titled Arcana Heart 2) has been officially announced by The Company Formerly Known As Yuki (that’s what I’ll be calling them from now on, Examu is a horrible horrible name; it reminds me of… school for some reason), and it’s supposed to be hitting arcades across japan this winter, more or less exactly a year after the original’s release. <Brandon’s note: Technically that’d be the company formerly known as part of Yuki, because Examu is a branch, and Yuki is still going on making Shougi games and whatnot.>

The preview in this month’s Arcadia reveals a new character/arcana, at least some redrawn sprites, and most importantly an extra button. All well and good I say — the game looks awesome and the announced changes sound very promising — but I can’t for the life of me understand why they chose to reveal the sequel before the port was even out. Scheduling issues, I guess.


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