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News: Apocalypse ~Desire Next~

by on October 1, 2007

Idea Factory is at it again with a fourth SRPG for the Xbox 360, this one titled Apocalypse ~Desire Next~ and set in the Neverland universe. Previously, IF had released two ports of PS2 titles on the 360 as well as one completely new game, all of which we’ve talked about before. It is indeed strange that they are still on the 360 bandwagon (insert joke about MS moneyhats here). After Mist of Chaos, their first PS3 SRPG (which, incidentally is being localized for Korea — a tiny tiny market — without a word about an English release!), I had assumed that they’d stop supporting the 360, since the PS3 has a much larger user base in Japan and since their 360 games never get localized anyway. But there you have it. With IF’s four titles, the upcoming Operation Darkness and Zoids Alternative, and the already year-old Culdcept Saga (which should have been out in the US since last March, but which we are still waiting for — and will be waiting for for quite a while: Q1 2008 is what the lazy gits in charge of localization are saying now) an NTSC-J Xbox 360 is shaping up to be a highly desirable console for fans of turn-based strategy games.


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