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News: Tokyo Game Show final impressions

by on September 27, 2007

I forgot that I played some more games!

Gundam Operation Troy – so this game was better than it was last time, but still not great. It’s developed by Dimps, and is basically their biggest production ever. It’s kind of alright to play, but I did some multiplayer with Tim, Kris Graft from next-gen, and some Japanese fellow. You start out as a human on the ground, and you have to run up to a mech’s knee in order to get into it. Once in there, you’re in a better position to fight obviously, but it’s ridiculously easy to spawn camp, because the mech only show up in certain areas, and you can just shoot them while they’re unmanned, so if you stick around, you can just smack a defenseless mech, then when someone gets in it, it takes one hit to kill them (you always spawn as a human, which are also really easy to kill). Aaaaaaaaawesome? If they fix that, it might be alright.

Call of Duty 4 – this game is really quite good. All sorts of wacky stuff happened in the demo, complete with a sinking ship, stuff exploding, and jumping into a helicopter. Total Hollywood big-budget game, but well done.

Rez HD – looks nice! It’s Rez and all, and it’s very high resolution. I was wishing they’d call it Rez High Res, but no dice. There’s not much else to say about it. Works for me.

Shikigami no Shiro III – this was my first time playing it actually, and it was quite good. Same game as before, the series hasn’t really lost much quality since II. It should really be a downloadable game though, not a boxed product. Whoops.

Muchi Muchi Pork – got to play this at an arcade. It’s a bit ‘Cave-lite’ in the early stages, without much curtain fire or anything like that. But the difficulty ramps up fast…it was quite visually pleasing though, and you collect little Ps in order to level up your gun. When you do, it says ‘Pork Up!’ Plays like most Cave games these days, with a rapid fire spread shot, and a concentrated beam. I’d definitely play a home port of this.

Big Bang Beat – played this at TRF arcade – it’s basically a doujin PC game in an arcade box. Really worked well though! Looks like it’s not getting a proper port yet though.

OK, I think that’s really it this time?

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