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Youtube: 32X tech demo

by on September 10, 2007

32xdemo.JPGEric-Jon pointed out this rather interesting tech demo for the 32X, made in 1995 (supposedly), running on real 32X hardware (also supposedly). Looks very nice, though it likely takes absolutely all of the 32X’s faculties to run this, so having things like AI, or collision, or…a game, might be kind of impossible (apparently the music is in the demo though). Still neat to see something pushed to its limits! Made by somebody/some people named Zyrinx, who I’m going to go out on a limb and guess are from the U.K.

Update: George Plamantouras points out that Scavenger team, of which Zyrinx is part, went on to develop Scorcher and Amok for the Saturn (though Lemon is the portion of Scavenger that did it). He says: “If you watch that video, you will find something really interesting. One of the last clips in that video is an early version of AMOK! Anyone who’s played the game should recognize it as a watered down version of the eventual Saturn version. I remember hearing back in the day that they had gotten some support from Sega. Perhaps this sheds a little more light on it.”

This is all somewhat embarrassing to me, because in spite of being a huge Saturn fan (or maybe because of it?) I never played either of those games, so didn’t recognize it at all. Hooray!

Update 2: Hilariously I was speaking about this with my coworker Simon, and he was speculating about it – turns out that speculation was based on a post he made about this very video, for which he did a bit of research back in February 2006. So there’s plenty more info in there if you care to grab it!


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