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News: Cavetastic update!

by on September 3, 2007

Turns out that Cave’s new shooter will not be a forced scrolling game, meaning that the player will be responsible for moving the field (this has been confirmed via the latest issue of Arcadia). Technically, this means that from now on I can’t call it a ‘shooter’, or a ‘shooting game’, or ‘STG’, or that word which shall not be mentioned here except when referring to that website which was responsible for making it ubiquitous. (I wonder what percentage of the site’s readership has any clue of what I am talking about right now. Hopefully it’s quite high! — though I guess we’ll never know.)

ANYway, the Deathsmiles plot thickens. Cave has posted an interview with the game’s main programmer, who — surprise surpise! — is neither Ikeda nor Yagawa. This is something of a revelation, dear arcade fans, since every one of the company’s STGs all the way back to DonPachi has been programmed by one of those two fine gentlemen (Dangun Feveron might be an exception, but I can’t be bothered to check right now).

So what does this mean then? Cave’s hiring Yagawa, back in 2004 I think it was, led to the company churning out two shooters a year, instead of the usual one — might this new guy (whose name is Ishimura Takashi, and who has worked for Cave before, though he has never shouldered so much responsibility) help Cave put out even more arcade titles per annum? And how cool would it be if both Ikeda and Yagawa were working on other games right this moment? And can this IC update possibly include any more wishfully unrealistic thinking?

One thing is certain: Cave is expanding, and in more ways than one. Consider their snazzily redesigned website, their 2006 end-of-year party, their upcoming 2007 event, again at HEY arcade, as well as the self-publishing of their latest superplay DVDs (which used to be published by INH). These are all signs of healthy growth, and to those of us who love arcades, shoot ’em ups, and 2D gaming in general, they could not be more welcome.

Getting back to Deathsmiles, translations of the interview I mentioned above (with the game’s main programmer, in case you were not paying attention) can be found here and here. Choice quote:

This game is aimed for those that take joy in destroying enemies rather than dodging bullets. It was made to be enjoyed from beginners of the shooting genre and the core players as well. Please try it out at the show later this month.

Yes, yes, we definitely will! (Or at least some of us will — I won’t be able to make it this time, but I know others who will.) So that’s all from Cave for the moment. I’ll close this update, appropriately enough, with a link to a piano arranged track of the first stage of Ikeda’s Mushihime-sama Futari, courtesy of Chord Pianissimo, a cool little website which we’ve had the pleasure of mentioning before. Enjoy.


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