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News: Comiket 72 doujin roundup

by on August 24, 2007

tsunodalove.jpgA quick round up of the more significant doujin game releases during the Summer Comic Market.

Ragna Fantasia
An RPG based on Ragnarok Online.

Trouble Witches
A wonderful horizontal shooter from the makers of AIRRADE, which we mentioned back here.

Apathy Gakkou de atta kowai hanashi ~Visual Novel Version~
The full complete story of the original SFC game of the same name, discussed in more detail back here.

Touhou Fuujinroku ~Mountain of Faith~
Newest game in the now famous Touhou series of vertical shooters…just a matter of time before the Iosys remixes start flooding in.

Touhou Hisouten ~Scarlet Weather Rhapsody~
The pseudo sequel to the popular 2D fighting game Touhou Suimusou by Tasogare Frontier.

The newest game from EasyGameStation (we’ve talked about them in the past too, if you need more reference), this time about running an item shop in a town.

Omamoringo-san 2
The sequel to the fun Windows Media Player plugin that was released last year (cute video of that here – nice song. And some ‘gameplay’ here with some Iosys music behind it), now with a new roommate and additional support for iTunes.

Suzumiya Haruhi no chourantou
A 3D party action vs game featuring the characters from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu. The graphics are great, but the game wasn’t that great…

Miko Blaster
A 2D horizontal shooter featuring shrine maidens.

Tsuno-san daa~ LOVE!!
Great looking 2D horizontal shooter featuring horns (pictured left).


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