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News: Nuon emulator creator dies

by on August 19, 2007

riff.jpgScott Cartier alerted me that Michael Perry (AKA Riff – on the left in the image), creator of the Nuon emulator Nuance died recently of a brain aneurysm at age 32. Here‘s a post about it at Nuon-dome, along with a link to the emulator, and a forum thread with more information for those who want to know.

Regarding his contribution to the Nuon community, this is what Scott had to say on his blog: “I’m sure you all know what a valuable contribution that was to the NUON community. It was our best way of keeping NUON alive once all the N501s break down and end up in the DVD player scrap heap. The emulator made it possible for anyone to play NUON software. I’m sure it was only a matter of time for CPU technology to catch up and allow the emulator to run at full speed.”

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