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Off-topic: Toshio Iwai's Tenori-On

by on August 16, 2007

tenori-on.jpgMedia artist Toshio Iwai (Electroplankton) has a product coming up with Yamaha called Tenori-On. It’s essentially an array of LED switches, viewable from both sides of the device you see to the left, which plays musical notes depending on which switch is pressed. You can hold the switch for longer in order to loop a note, based on each different sound style you’ve chosen. It seems to have a card reader, so that you could potentially load samples. It’s essentially an interactive performance toy.

Here are some very skeptical opinions about the device, along with a number of interesting videos of Iwai demonstrating it. Could be very interesting as a sequencer in performance, depending on what it actually does upon release. There’s a UK launch party for it on September 4, so more details will probably arise around then. Thanks to Jeff Fleming for pointing this out!


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