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News: Japanese game names getting ridiculous

by on August 8, 2007

kantore.jpgWitness Sega’s sure to be timeless classic: 京都大学 阿辻哲次教授監修財団法人日本漢字能力検定協会協力漢字トレーナー ポータブル. Romanized that’s Kyouto daigaku Atsuji Tetsuji kyouja kanshuu zaidanhoujin nihon kanji nouryoku kentei kyoukai kyouryoku kanji toreena pootaburu. Or in English, Kyouto University’s Professor Atsuji Tetsuji Foundation’s Japanese kanji ability official certification (in collaboration with) the kanji association trainer portable. Something like that. Catchy, right? Apparently the longer the title, the better it trains your brain? I guess I had to learn some kanji to get through that, so…

I’m not sure of the logic, but I’ve been watching game titles in Japan get longer and longer, especially with training games. Luckily, it nicely abbreviates to ‘kantore.’ Smashing.


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