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News: Marsh teaches you Engrish

by on August 7, 2007

Dimple and Microvision have a visually very appealing female aimed game coming out called Marsh, which teaches Japanese women the valuable Engrish language skills they need in order to be made fun of by people on the internet, and also to unintentionally convince idiot Japanophile caucasians that they are ‘just soooo cute.’

So it turns out Marsh (there are a bunch of Marsh products) is a little ‘living being’ that eats English. Yes, you speak/use English to feed it. You have to feed him correct English (according to the game) in order to keep him happy. But since the game thrives on Engrish instead, that’s all out the window. The first phrase the game forms in the trailer is “Do you have your friends?” I thought that was just a bit bad, and it made me chuckle, but when I saw the “I want know your name” phrase, I knew they were going balls out on this one. In conclusion, when you’re making a game about another language, or anything in another language for that matter, put somebody on the team who speaks it natively. It could be argued though, that nobody over there will be able to tell the difference anyway, so rake in them dollars!
Those offended by this may proceed to the legal step.


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