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News: Best of the death of E3

by on July 14, 2007

bsgamecocksmall.jpgAs you may know, new publisher Gamecock held a funeral procession for the death of E3 (as we know it, or for good, depending on your opinion). Aside from the dancers, people on stilts, musicians and speakers (Kotaku has a good gallery of photos – the picture of me is from that set), two moments struck me as being particularly excellent. I wasn’t able to play any games at E3 this year, but at least I can talk about this!

First, Spencer Yip of Siliconera got up with the crowd to breakdance a bit (and almost took out a couple of Gamecocks along the way). Somebody somewhere has video of this, so hopefully that will circulate.

Next, at one point during the after party (wake, maybe?) a BMX-er showed up, trying to impress everyone with his bike tricks and whatnot. He was there for quite a long time, riding around, until the tall, bespectacled Alon Waisman of Chatterbox Radio got fed up and said “I feel like going out there on my Segway.” Upon discovering that he really did have a Segway there, he was forced out to perform – completing little loops, sticking his leg or butt out in the air as he did so. There’s little that’s more farsical than making fun of an extreme sports type from a Segway. Sadly, no pictures of this either – you’ll just have to take my word for it.


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