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News: Way of the Rodent record breaking

by on July 9, 2007

Way of the Rodent keeps sending me press releases about things they’re doing. I’m not really sure why they send press releases instead of just a regular email, since this is clearly all for my personal benefit. Regardless, the new thing is as follows: A member of their ranks, one Rocky Howard got it into his head that he should attempt to beat all of the records in the Twin Galaxies official high-score book of classic arcade games. He’s charting his progress here, and after fourteen games, has beaten zero records. But his writeups are rather amusing, which seems to be the thing I write about every new undertaking of WotR: “At least the writing is rather amusing.” I predict he will stop this when he realizes a) you can’t use MAME for official records, b) you have to record your playthrough and send it in in order to get a record printed, and c) that it’s going to take a hell of a long time to get through 4,000-odd classic arcade games. But hey, you can point and laugh til then, and ‘learn along with Robert’ about the now rather obscure games of yesteryear. (note about the picture – no idea which Rodent Robert is, but I hope he’s the fellow to the left)


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