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News: The King of Peru 2

by on July 8, 2007

Kop2cover.jpgThe developer of The King of Peru 2, Twin Eagles Group, claims this to be ‘the first videogame developed and published on CD-ROM in Peru’. It is basically a one-on-one fighting game featuring Peruvian politicians, which is ‘heavily inspired’ by The King of Fighters (so much so that it rips off some of its sprites – check here).

Although the game is sold out, the authors never saw a single dollar, as the publisher Micronics never paid them anything. And so, they were sued and awarded a small animated gif of a hand giving the finger, and many other insulting images by the Twin Eagles Group.

Interestingly enough, TEG talks more about the lawsuit and how they got cheated than about the game itself (read about it here in English). I wonder how the guys at SNK are feeling after having all their KoF character sprites stolen… A severe case of bad karma, I would say…


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