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Off-topic: Akihabara Liberation demonstration

by on July 7, 2007

Francesco pointed out this event, which happened on June 30 – an otaku rights parade in Akihabara. Heisei Democracy has a report, with images and video (they’re chanting “akiba kaihou” – Akihabara Liberation). It was a parade of cosplayers and otaku, led by the Revolutionary Otakuist Union, Revolutionary Moeist Union, and the Revolutionary Himote Union, according to the Heisei Democracy report. Pretty ridiculous and pretty great. I wonder how many broke off from the crowd to stop in Messe Sanoh?

While we’re off topic, check out Danny Choo dancing in his Storm Trooper outfit here, also in Akihabara. As he crosses the street a bunch of cosplayer types dance with him – I wonder if that was planned, or spontaneous? Hard to tell. This was the same day as the akiba kaihou thing, so who knows!


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