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News: Goichi Suda interview

by on July 6, 2007

suda51.jpgI’ve done a second interview with Goichi Suda, this time actually getting him to talk about his design sense, and a whole bunch of stuff, like open world games, classic adventure titles, and No More Heroes…apparently he got the idea for it from Jodorowski’s bizarre movie El Topo, which (with the help of John Lennon) started the ‘midnight movie’ concept. One thing we cut out of the interview was that he said the questions were ‘really hard.’ I think that as an industry, game writers need to get a lot better at asking probing questions. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m working on it! By the way, the first interview I did was for Game Developer magazine, so a lot of folks may not have seen it. It was his first feature-length English language interview. Sometimes I do wonder if he’s actually trying to buck the status-quo with his games, or if this is simply the style that he thinks is cool. I’m starting to feel that Grasshopper Manufacture’s games are simply examples of things Suda finds interesting – not political statements, not reactionary pieces of postmodernism – this is just what he likes. Here’s a good excerpt from the new one:

Suda: For me what’s important is the change in emotions. Large emotional fluxes: it can be anger or it can be joy. Essentially what I strive for the most is to create a world that no one has ever seen. I have the desire to make things never before created, and in an entirely novel domain. I want players to be surprised, or in other words, I want to provide them with something fresh, and if my work can arouse different emotions, I’d be very happy.

What’s most important is after you finish playing the game, you walk away feeling lucky to have played it, and elements in the game’s storyline or the game itself can actually influence you somehow in real life. If I make a game like that, I can die anytime with no regrets. But I’m greedy, so I think I probably won’t die. At least not until I make lots of money like Rockstar Games!


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