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Play-Asia: Smoothie summer sale

by on July 5, 2007

Play-Asia is having a rather nice sale – 20% off all in-stock items…so that’s anything that has the ’24h’ mark by it. The sale lasts til the 12th, so about 6 days away. Just browsing quickly I see Kenka Banchou 2 for $40, Sega Ages Monster Hunter and Gunstar Heroes for $23 each, Bleach 2 DS (by Treasure) for $40, Karous DC and Trigger Heart Exelica DC for $47 each.

Or, if you like weird stuff – Psychic Force Complete for $15, The Senko from D3 for $15, Garouden Break Blow for $15 (highly recommended for those that like 3D fighters/grapplers, but the sequel is even better!), Kamen Rider Hibiki for $16, Earth Defense Force 2 for $20.

On the DS there’s Ys Strategy for $16, and DS Curling as well! Starfy 4 is $24, and Ganbare Goemon, which I guess will never be released here, is $24 in a Konami Best version.


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