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News: Zekkyo Senshi Sakebrain

by on July 4, 2007

henshin.JPGZekkyo Senshi Sakebrain is a new game in the Club Nintendo lineup…shame they’re not releasing these in the US! This one is largely done through voice command, and supports two to three players – no single player mode! You shout ‘PUNCH’ or ‘KICK’ to do those actions, or “change bakuretsu!” to transform, sentai style. Seems pretty silly, and maybe even fun, who knows? Interesting to see a Nintendo brawler, that’s for sure.

Check a video and some screens on the official site. Seems like something Clover would’ve made. One particularly amazing thing about the video is that, since the game relies on voice, they haven’t instructed to girl to go ‘uuaaah, sugoi sugoi’ every five seconds, like any other time a girl is shown playing a game in a commercial or demo. Could it be that Nintendo actually has gained a small amount of respect for women? Who can say… Thanks to Substance J for the link.


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