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News: Sonic XG

by on June 20, 2007

sonicxg.gifSonic Extended Genesis – or Sonic XG – is a fan-made Sonic game with some brilliant looking graphics. Check screens and info here on the Sonic 2 Beta forums. As the author says: “Sonic XG is gonna be a fangame that directly continues the story from the end of S3K, in pure retro style. It will feature 10 zones, 8 with 2 acts, 2 with 1 act.” So there you go.

Check out a video of the old beta here, which is somewhat buggy. There’s a new trailer right here. Beware of absolutely terrible music! This music is theoretically going to be the boss track…but because of a massive outcry against having terrible, horrible music in the game, they’re considering an option where you can toggle it to something more retro. I’m hopeful label the options ‘good’ and ‘terrible.’ So, while they may not have great taste in music, they seem to be quite good at graphics. Explosions look nice, pacing looks great, design looks solid from the videos…I for one am very much looking forward to the release. More info as it comes, if I remember. Thanks for the link, Frank!


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