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News: Rodent Weekend

by on June 20, 2007

drsellout.jpgOur friends at Way of the Rodent have launched a new product in a shameless attempt to gain recognition and money and fame. It’s called Rodent Weekend, and basically updates every Wednesday with five short reviews of things the writers like, with links to buy them (if you live in the UK, which is a mistake anyway, because everything’s expensive and the people are smug like the French, but without the excellent cheese and wine). It randomizes whose review you start on, so you don’t get bored (immediately).

For those of us in civilized countries, the reviews are somewhat entertaining at least. So far as I can tell, these fellows all have alarmingly poor taste, and don’t dislike everything nearly as much as they should. I recommend reading Doctor Sellout‘s work, because it’s all tongue in cheek, at least. Or…I think it is. It should be. Also, their about page is probably the best thing on the site. In conclusion, Rodent Weekend plus Action Button equals new internet.


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