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News: Toronto indie game jam 2007

by on June 19, 2007

Xiq.gifI got a request to link the Toronto indie game jam, which has the unfortunate collapsed moniker Tojam. It’s the second annual event for these guys, and they actually got some pretty interesting stuff in here. Near the top of the list is XIQ, which features (oddly enough) an all-star…sound team. The game looks really nice and plays like Qix (thus the name) with a shooter bent. But more surprisingly, it features music by Jonathan Mak of Everyday Shooter fame, and sound effects by Kenta Cho. Odd! Download it and check out a gameplay video on the official site.

I’ll run through some of the other interesting entries as well – Trishade is like Bejeweled meets Ikaruga I suppose. Mostly just taking one bit of Ikaruga, but they mention Bejeweled, so I guess I have to. Shoot similar colored planes, then blow the lot up. Not a bad idea.

Quiver is a two player game in which player one spawns monsters using the keyboard, and player two shoots them using the mouse. Very Gauntlet inspired.

Benny Hinn is about a televangelist bible thumper of some description who is trying to liberate people of their money. I’m mentioning this only because extreme/devoted religious people sicken me. That’s right, it’s my website.

There are a bunch more to peruse, including one with a monkey and one with a goat. I just visited Toronto and it’s not a bad city. It’s looking to become an entertainment hub in the great white north, and games are part of that particular drive – so we may hear more from some of these folks in the future.


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