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Youtube: Million way of Ryo

by on June 17, 2007

ryucycle.jpgJuan pointed out this excellent video of Ryo from Art of Fighting on his bike, in a variety of ridiculous locales. The references flow fast and furious – helps for some if you know Japanese, but not totally necessary. And if that’s not enough for you, there’s actually a second video as well. The references can be astoundingly obscure – perhaps one of the more compelling reasons to watch it. It is good to feel smart, yes? Don’t forget to check out the original Ryuuko no Ken 2 commercial too. Anyone who guesses what the title of this newspost refers to wins…self respect!

By the way, did everyone know Art of Fighting Anthology is out on PS2 in the U.S. already? For $20? It came out rather stealthily. It’s not that great of a game honestly, but I’m picking it up just because. Why not?

Aaaand holy crap, there’s a third Ryo video.


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